My Philosophy

The human mind and the universe are so similar and our bodies exist between the two. Any advancement we make should originate from our hearts and journey either of those directions.

A Conscious Visual Artist

Lucas Hull

The Early Years

I grew up working the life of a son of a dairy farmer. Always making use of what was around me to survive and solve problems. My youth social opportunities were weaved into volunteer 4-H leadership events. I was able to focus my electives around photography, drawing, crafts, livestock and communication.

Professional Growth

From local news affiliate graphics and startup communication companies to worldwide 3D movie releases, I've created art professionally through various mediums. History shows me as a dedicated employee and co-worker who redefines work ethic in both team and self-driven environments. I'm at a point in my career where I'm confident in my skills and excited to share what I know.

Into the Future

I try to balance my talents and achievements around technology, nature and the humanities. I'm very thankful to live in a time of so many scientific discoveries and technological advancements. I'd like to work on any project that enhances our lives and opens our perspective to an increased global view.

Experience & Skills

Visual Effects

The disappointing thing about being a compositor is when you've done it right, no one knows you did anything at all. The challenge of hiding your work is also the thing I enjoy most. I enjoy knowing all the little details that go into reproducing life on screen.

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Movement creates the illusion of life. I suppose that's what drew me to animation in the first place. Not only do you notice the details that go into creating motion, but you get the pleasure of bringing life to still objects.

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My understanding of stereoscopic principles are adaptable for film, television and various projects. I'm a practiced problem-solver with over 5,000 hours of stereo compositing experience.

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Check out my filmography listings on The Internet Movie Database.

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